Gaule Detailing is a structural and miscellaneous steel detailing company incorporated in 1981.
Currently we employ five detailers and checkers. We have 98 years combined experience.
We are capable of detailing very challenging projects efficiently. Our drawings are tailored to each
customer’s standards. CNC files can be provided in DSTV format. BIF files are also available.
We have the capability to download the engineer's model directly into our software.
This gives us a head start on some projects.

Customers are given a user name and password to facilitate document transfer via our ftp site.
Clients may scan project plans and upload them to us for bidding purposes. We can upload
drawings for Approval or Field in zipped PDF format for customers to download at their convenience.
Our DSL line allows transfer of drawings in seconds or minutes rather than days.
Of course we will provide drawings in other ways if required by the customer.

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